Mission Statement

  • The Akyem Oda Concerned Citizens Association fosters a spirit of community cooperation, well being and pride for the residents of Akyem Oda and its environs.

Vision Statement

  • The Akyem Oda Concerned Citizens Association is a community organization embracing diversity and progress.
  • The Association brings together all Akyem Oda citizens living everywhere to;
  • Foster solidarity and fraternity.
  • Provide healthy intellectual advancement of members.
  • promote the general welfare of the residents.

 Aims & Objectives

  • To foster friendship among members of the Association.
  • To share ideas among members intellectually and socially.
  • To mobilize and form a formidable group irrespective of the differences in political affiliations.
  • To assist members financially, spiritually and emotionally.
  • To positively influence individual conduct.
  • To inspire the youth who are mainly students in tertiary institutions to take their studies seriously to become good sons and daughters of Akim Oda.
  • To assist the Municipal Chief Executive, the Member of Parliament, the Assembly Members, the chiefs and people of Akim Oda and other stakeholders in developing and uplifting the image of Akim Oda.
  • To liaise with the community and other stakeholders to help shape the future of the youth in Akim Oda.
  • To pursue any other aim, which is reasonably connected or incidental to the foregoing.


  1.  Executives

  2.  Committee 

  3.  Our Constitution